Information Needed After Establishing a Perpetual Scholarship

When establishing a perpetual scholarship, several pieces of information are usually needed.  First, the scholarship organization will want to know what to name the scholarship.  Secondly, someone will gather information, and using the information will compose a short write-up about the scholarship.  The initial write-up will be shared with the donor to see if it meets their objective.  Eventually, the write-up will appear in booklet form along with the other established perpetual scholarships.  The booklet is referred to as the ......Dollars for Scholars Community Scholarship booklet.  Believe it or not, nearly 7,000 copies of this booklet are printed each year.  They are dispersed to all who attend the LHS graduation ceremony in May and a copy is mailed with the Alumni News newsletter in July.  (The Alumni News is a quarterly newsletter mailed to all known LHS graduates.)

What Makes Perpetual Gifts Unique

The uniqueness of an endowed gift is that it allows a scholarship to be given each and every year, forever, to a fresh qualifying LHS graduate.